Seniors, families, and young people want to call our neighborhood home but struggle to do so every day. Older, walk-up buildings that provide much of the rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments in the community are being torn down to make way for super-tall buildings with unaffordable units. By mandating that half of all new apartments built be truly affordable, protecting public housing units, and ending the practice of unaffordable, market-rate development on public land, we can ensure residents will be able to continue calling the neighborhood home for years to come.

As your Council Member, I will: 

  • Advocate for NYCHA funding, oppose all plans to privatize public housing through Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) and Infill development, and introduce legislation mandating independent audit of past mismanaged funds
  • Introduce legislation to mandate half of all new residential construction be affordable with set asides for senior, low-and mid-income and formerly homeless housing
  • Introduce ‘Community Land Trust’ legislation to empower local residents to decide how public land should be developed 
  • Work with our state elected officials to push for a second Mitchell-Lama program to incentivize affordable home buying in the neighborhood 
  • Oppose private, market-rate development on public land and require any development of public land be fully affordable in perpetuity


Our community is not accessible for many people who live here – this is wrong: The Lexington Avenue subway is substantially inaccessible to the mobility-impaired and streets put pedestrians and cyclists at risk. As an advocate for an equitable transportation system, I will prioritize public transportation that is affordable and safe for the mobility-impaired.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Demand accessibility in our public transit system be a top priority for the MTA 
  • Audit public facilities in our community to determine what is accessible and what needs improvement
  • Expand the Fair Fares program
  • Oppose bus cuts and expand cameras in bus lanes to clear vehicular traffic in bus lanes  and expedite public transportation
  • Finally fix the parking and congestion crisis facing our neighborhood


We must shift the paradigm of economic equality in our neighborhood and empower our businesses and residents to continue calling the community home. Through commercial rent control, updating the City’s outdated zoning laws to foster responsible, contextual, affordable development, and ensuring good jobs with strong union representation for local workers, among other responsible policies dedicated to supporting local businesses and workers, we can curtail the forces of corporate greed and shift the focus back to the needs of local residents.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Fight for a 210ft. height cap in the district
  • Support commercial rent control legislation and work with developers to give preference to local businesses in new development over national chains and big-box stores
  • Support legislation to create a low-interest loan fund for which small businesses can apply for in emergency situations 
  • Amend the City’s zoning laws to close zoning loopholes around air-rights, setbacks, and mechanical voids 
  • Outlaw the practice of hospitals refusing to accept Medicare and Medicaid 
  • Introduce legislation adding prevailing wage and local hiring standards for all building retrofits and environmental sustainability projects 
  • Support the unionization of New York City Council staff 


Green space is vital yet scarce in our community. From the East River Esplanade and Carl Schurz Park to John Jay Park, I will advocate to protect our public parks and ensure they’re kept in the best and safest condition possible. Through meaningful investments to our existing parks and finding new, creative ways to create accessible green space in our community, we can foster our love of parks to create a greener community.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Focus funding and increased upkeep on the northern portion of the East River Esplanade 
  • Audit public parks for accessibility and determine which need new, safer play equipment
  • Push to convert empty lots into pocket parks 
  • Advocate for more green markets to increase access to sustainable food and green roofs in the district that allow for urban farming and community green space


Our local schools are bursting at the seams and the community’s students and educators are the ones suffering. Families want to continue calling the neighborhood home but in order to do so, quality education and additional school space for 3K through high school needs to be a priority. 

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Advocate that new, large scale development include public schools instead of retail space
  • Advocate for increased specialized education access and assistance in schools
  • Increase funding for social workers and anti-bullying programs in schools


Our community needs real leadership on policing issues and plans that aim to change the relationship between communities and law enforcement. The goal must be engendering actual public safety, not a militarized city, and completely reimagining “policing” as we know it.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Advocate for consistent budget cuts to defund the NYPD and other policing entities
  • Create a public safety task force in the district with community leaders and experts in policing to develop immediate strategies for policing in the community and create a long-term vision of what policing should look like in the City
  • Introduce legislation to create a five-year moratorium on the hiring of new law enforcement officers — that includes the NYPD, Corrections, and any other agency that has in-house policing
  • Introduce a ban on any new law enforcement equipment acquired from the U.S. Department of Defense and mandate the City’s law enforcement agencies return any non-protective equipment (allowing agencies to keep basic materials like bulletproof vests or gloves)
  • End the practice of law enforcement in New York City schools


Click here to read my full Disability Justice and Accessibility platform.


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